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Monstrology” Collection - LES` by Lesia Paramonova

"Don’t be afraid to fall down into the water, to sink slowly into the seabed. Perhaps, there you will see a light and find the entryway to a new world. Perhaps your skin will turn into the bark of a tree, and you will become invisible, one with the woodlands, so evil spirits pass you by unnoticed.
You run through the mossy field like a black-eyed roedeer. You run so rapidly that your legs are caught by the wind. It lifts you into the air, and all the sounds become a single hum. Six faithful keepers accompany you. They are the guardians of this forest, the guides of your soul.”

LES` by Lesia Paramonova- ” MONSTROLOGY”

photo Alina Valitova

model Stasya Korotkova

mua Ksenya Shostko

ЛЕС `Леси Парамонова-” MONSTROLOGY “

фото Алина Валитова

Модель Стася Короткова

ЛЕС `Леси Парамонова-” MONSTROLOGY “

Dress-LES’ by Lesia Paramonova

LES`-“Somnia” https://vimeo.com/67307990 

"LES`- SOMNIA" is  available for viewing!

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illustrations by Lesia Paramonova for a new collection LES`